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Personal Coaching

In today’s world of cut throat competition it is a well-known fact that even loads of degrees or absolute mastery in any discipline or subject cannot guarantee you a strong foothold in the job marketplace. Strong communication skills, adaptability and assertiveness along with relevant smartness are vital entity to success and for strengthening your candidature in this candidate congested job marketplace. It has been found very commonly that an individual is quite brilliant and stupendous in his/her academics but tends to shy away while thrown into groups or given the opportunity to take charge. And this is where & how he/she lags so many other candidates who on the other hand might have a less bright academic performance but literally shines when it comes to personal communication and soft skills presentation. Now, this becomes very demoralizing for those candidates who despite been faring fantastically in their academics fails to impress or even at many times couldn’t even land a good job of their liking due to this dearth. Therefore the role of personal grooming and soft skills training has become imperative and undeniable in the present-day context.

This personal coaching program is not only confined to students and job aspirants anymore but also relevant to almost anyone encompassing from working professionals to entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and other self-employed persons and even for home makers.

Considering the immense need and importance of it, Intelute has started courses under the domain of personal coaching. However, the way Intelute conducts the Personal coaching is different from the rest in many ways At Intelute, we believe that everyone has different requirements from personality development point of view. Hence, we provide one on one coaching which help individuals to transform their image by focusing more on their weaknesses. In addition, we focus on practical use of learnings in day to day life. We keep at least four days gap between two sessions which helps individual to try and use skills acquired in day to day life. If they face any challenge doing so, they can discuss about it with the coach in next session. This way we not only tell them what to do but we also show them how to do it. Intelute has got top-notch experienced faculties in the circuit of personal coaching and soft skills. Our courses and faculties help:

To imbibe and inculcate the confidence amongst the candidates to overcome their feeble points and turn them into their strengths

To learn the public speaking skills and to overcome stage fear

To boost self-esteem and confidence

To adopt positive body language

By providing the necessary traction to the candidates through face to face and one to one communication sessions, Intelute propels them to be a go-getter and aids them in expressing themselves freely & confidently regardless of their area of operation.

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