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Personal Coaching

The lives of the people are interconnected and disconnected at the same time. Personal & professional relations bind people but the conflict in interests separates them. But being a professionally building trust and creating a loyalty base is very essential for both career prospect & personal growth. Personal coaching is the most effective solution. Personal coaching is a productive interaction between a professional and a mentee that gives the latter an insightful analysis of his or her inherent abilities and its scope in the professional world.

Intelute is a learning based training institution that puts effort in providing the best personal coaching course to all & sundry. Employees, officials, administrators, leaders, would be professionals, students and even the coaches can take this course and discover their true potential.

Since every individual is unique in their own way, their interactions with the world within a social or a professional community is variant.

This is what a personality means, being unique in life choices. Personality of an individual is built on his or her knowledge, intelligence quotient, emotional quotation, upbringing, academic qualification, soft skills, life values & preferences and work ethics. Thus when faced with a situation everyone reacts to it differently. Intelute works on this aspect of human psyche and through offering of bespoke personal coaching course reinforces the strengths of the students and diminishes their weaknesses along with boosting their self-confidence. This not only enhances the mental fortitude of the students but also gives the hope for excelling brilliantly in their career paths. The procedure that we devise in our personal coaching course is very unique & productive. Our trained professional coaches assist the students through the training, supporting them during the session and finally make them take a self-assurance test in the last lap. An optimistic mind-set is the fruit of Intelute’s personal coaching course.

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