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Post Graduate Diploma in Corporate Accounting (PGDCA)

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Post Graduate Diploma in Corporate Accounting (PGDCA)

One of Intelute’s signature courses is the Post Graduate Diploma in Corporate Accounting. The need of the hour for students studying in the final year of their commercial & financial degree or diploma, fresh out of academics, been in the professional field for few years or unemployed, is to grasp the practical know-how and nicks & tricks of the corporate finance & management domain. The PGDCA offers students with an aspiration to succeed in corporate finance, a fair chance. The course is designed immaculately with perceptive techniques and several global integrations to bring out the accounting competence of the students. Using core & elective financial disciplines, comprehensive study materials, practical sessions, case studies, research studies, industrial interface and evaluative examinations we enhance the accounting aptitude, professional skills and decision making prowess of the students that actually allow them to grow & prosper in their career path.

The Post Graduate Diploma in Corporate Accounting is a post-graduate professional qualification enabling the students and the professionals to imbibe their academic knowledge fruitfully into their work for the betterment of the corporate sector and their careers. The main objective of the course is to

Give the students a detailed walk-through about the management & accounting policies & structures of the corporates domain.

Develop the financial mettle and corporate accounting skills of the students in all aspects

Mold the students into becoming efficient leaders & managers in the corporate world by emphasizing on developing their accounting skill and financial decision making instincts.

Make them IT savvy to cope up & master any new implementation and integrations taking place in the corporate sector.

Improve the business communication and business analytics traits of the students.

Advanced excel for better spreadsheet management, capital market studies for handling share operations and automation tools SAP ERP training for bettering business processing, are PGDCA highlights.

PGDCA also covers the Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management and Professional Accounting Training in its syllabus. The program includes papers on Managerial Economics, Advance Financial management, Financial & Management Accounting, Company Law & Regulation, Auditing, Corporate Valuation, Advanced Cost Accounting, Taxations, Financial Institutions & Market, Banking, Stock Operation Management, Securities Management and international Financing. The method of teaching is very unique and the highly educated & experienced teachers guarantee maximum absorption of classroom discussion. The retention of information is ensured through the innovative mold of curriculum consisting of mock tests, group discussions, seminars, workshops, industrial visits, simulation exercises, surprise test, business games and interactive sessions with stalwarts.

The PGDCA is a very affordable professional course and on completion of the 12-month program the students are provided with an accredited certificate which will enhance their chance of expanding their career options.

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