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About Intelute Who We Are

About Intelute

The need for making learning more insightful has always been the real reason behind Intelute’s venturing in the education sector. We believe effective implementation of learning is a key to the success. A degree will do no good if the person holding it is not confident enough to face the worldly toils or is not competent enough to apply the acquired knowledge. Intelute helps the people to groom up with professionalattitude, aptitude and achievements.

Intelute has been bridging the academic achievements with the corporate expectation since 2014. This endeavor of ours has denabled many aspirants to elevate the career graphs and is continuing to do so. Intelute indulges in imparting comprehensive & integrated learnings to every student in the most interactive & practical classroom settings. This help them to understand the workings of the corporate sector and build the mental fortitude to cement their stand in that world. Our focus is to train the students in a motivational environment to strengthen their personalities and make them corporate wise.

Intelute has crafted all the courses to integrate different requirements of the aspirants as well as corporates. We have the signature course to level up the corporate knowledge of the students regarding various disciplines. The modular course increases the aptitude level of the students in the competitive domain and the soft skill courses help them master their work culture.

Intelute is the dream destination for the bestprofessionalpreparations. Theadmission process we have is very transparent & lucid and the course fees are quite affordable.We offer both graduate & post-graduate course based on the eligibility of the candidates. The faculties we have are highly qualified and experienced. To make sure that the students absorb everything and have high correspondence rate we offer interactive classes and career counselling. We also hold educational seminars and motivational sessions to give the students a glimpse of the real corporate world and bestow them with the opportunity to get tips from real life corporate professionals. Intelute study materials and curriculum are always updated and these accompany with hands on experience, because we know that productive implementation is the key to corporate success.




The vision of Intelute is to offer professional & morale inspiration to the students aspiring to become successful in their endeavors in creating a prosperous career and living a good & humane life.


Intelute has a very straight forward mission statement. Empowering the students with the professional knowledge & ethics is our main objective. We train the students with correct tools to establish a sustainable professional career for them. Turning dream into realty is the way of Intelute.


Train, improve & success – is the slogan of Intelute. We are a professional institute that believes in implementation. It is the key to success and for fruitful reproduction of absorbed learning, meticulously planned training regime is very essential. So whether you are a job aspirant fresh out of college or a working professional, sharpening your professional aptitude & attitude is very necessary for cracking an interview at any level. Intelute trusts that every student has potential and as long as they have the drive to succeed we help them in their endeavor to excel in their preferred domain. Our courses are designed with right amount of material, latest knowledge, learned instructors and updated methodologies. Catering to the need of every individual and enhancing their professional character for the betterment of their career goals, is our motto. Hence, Intelute is philosophically training to improve the skill sets of every student for making them successful professionally and thus, transforming their aspirations into certainty.
Director’s Desk

Director’s Message

Welcome to the premier professional training institute – Intelute. We are an instructive foundation that empowers the job aspirants and the working professionals in achieving their career goals and making them compassionate as human beings. In our organization we enlist anyone & everyone who has the aspiration and the thirst to succeed in the endeavor. The courses we offer to the students are variant and are dedicated to the different needs of the individuals. The professional signature course, modular aptitude course and the soft skill training course are the main branches in our brochure. So, if you are trying to land a promotion or searching for a better job option or just wanting to become a new age MNC professional, we are the one stop destination for disciplined & well-endowed professional learning. The methodologies we opt for are unique, adept and ever-evolving. The state of the art facility gives you the scope to get well acknowledged with the real life situation and the experienced instructors & consultants impart the invaluable technical knowledge to flourish in the corporate domain.

How We Different

Why Intelute?

Our approach is our defining trait. Our curriculums, our procedures and our infrastructure offer an affluent & all-encompassing learning environment for the students and employees. The features that we offer in our facilities which allows people to grow, get motivated and become successful are

Modern & lucid training

Advanced and engaging content

Interactive learning sessions

Wider and corporate compliant knowledge base

Professional career counseling

Creative orientation

Innovative platforms

Focusing on the success of the candidates

Strategic planning of the courses

Goal oriented curriculum

High positive morale in campus

State of the art premises

With Intelute your learning experience and your professional success will definitely leap beyond known bounds.

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